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New World Reduction's Glace De Veau

Market: Road House to Fine Dining

An all natural, fully reduced brown beef stock (broth). In French culinary terms this is called Glace De Viande or Meat Glace and if made from veal bones, Glace De Veau.

‘demi-glace’ is stock/broth reduced half way (i.e. 10 litres to 5 litres).

Our stock is true ‘glace’, 10 litres reduced to 500 ml. Thickening is achieved from the naturally present proteins and sugars.

Shipped frozen, so you may portion it as required. As there is no thickening agent added it may be used full strength as a base sauce or ‘Jus’, or thinned to a ‘demi-glace’ for gravy, braising or stewing, or thinned right back to stock for soups, broths or a savoury flavouring liquid. This is totally unique in the product category.